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Case Study: Life Care Planning

Joseph and Marie had been happily married for 52 years, raised a family, and were enjoying their retirement years when health issues began to surface. Marie was the first to exhibit health concerns and was diagnosed with dementia, leaving her unable to effectively communicate with Joseph and her three children. Shortly thereafter, Joseph began showing […]

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Benefits of Hiring an Elder Law Attorney for Medicaid Planning

When an elderly loved one experiences a life-changing health episode, options for long-term care will be undoubtedly pricey. Applying for Medicaid benefits is most families’ first move when told by a doctor that their loved one will require long-term, full-time care. Unfortunately, too many people have not adequately prepared for these decisions and the experience […]

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WHAT IS MEDICAID PLANNING? Medicaid planning is structuring your finances and assets to optimize your ability to pay for coverage of the future costs of long-term care, such as in-home or nursing care. Medicaid planning is similar to tax planning; we all want to look at our financial situation to minimize tax liability throughout our […]

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Medicaid Planning

You’ve saved your entire life. We’re here to help you and your loved one protect your assets.

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Scott Bloom Law - AARP Recommended Blog Article

How to Be an Effective Advocate for Aging Parents

We recommend that you read AARP’s 2017 article: How to Be an Effective Advocate for Aging Parents Five skills that will help you care for the ones you love by Amy Goyer Click here: to read How to Be an Effective Advocate for Aging Parents

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Life Care Planning – Tend to Personal Matters in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Life Care Planning should be handled by an elder law attorney. Their clients should be primarily senior citizens and they should specializes in eldercare matters across the board. When it’s time to start making decisions about our care, our finances and our wishes, it is very important to find someone we trust. An elder law attorney […]

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