Case Study: Medicaid Planning

Published: September 14, 2021

When Martin reached out to the team at Scott Bloom Law, he was concerned about his mother’s Medicaid status after she unexpectedly inherited a large sum of money from her recently deceased aunt. His mother, Mary, had been on Medicaid and homebound for years and Martin, her oldest child and agent via a Power of Attorney document, understandably had questions about the best steps moving forward so that her benefits would not be negatively affected. Would she be kicked off Medicaid? Would she be required to pay the money to the government for reimbursement for all the years she was a Medicaid recipient? Could she refuse the inheritance and avoid the “headache”? 

These were important questions to ask and after an initial conversation with her and Martin, Mary retained our firm and we got to work. First, we reviewed all of her finances and developed a customized plan to help her utilize the inheritance. This included paying off outstanding bills, purchasing essential items that she had long been unable to consistently afford, and ensuring that she would be able to gift some of the inheritance to her own children. While there were various complications throughout the process, we were able to accomplish everything that Mary and Martin had wanted by strategically preserving her assets while keeping her eligible for full Medicaid benefits. 

The Medicaid program can be challenging for individuals to understand on their own. While Medicaid planning can be as simple as the collection and preparation of Medicaid documents to submit to the local Medicaid Office, for most individuals, there are assets to protect and important strategies to implement. This is why the importance of discussing your Medicaid planning with an experienced Elder Law attorney is so vital, as all contingencies will be accounted for as you age. At Scott Bloom Law, we make sure our clients are wholly educated, well-informed, and fully grasp the challenges of creating a Medicaid plan. If you are ready to discuss Medicaid Planning or have additional questions, please reach out to us for a complimentary consultation at or call 215-364-1111.

CLIENT Testimonial

Dear Scott - Thank you for a job well done. I've settled the estate with my siblings. I also remitted my executor's fee to the children of my deceased sister. Thanks again for all you do!
- Estate of Fay B., Cranbury, New Jersey

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CLIENT Testimonial

Scott Bloom Law Estate Planning Diagram

Sometimes after a loved one passes away, the family learns of things they were unaware of while the loved one was living. This was the case for one of our clients, Sam, after his father Tom Jr. passed away. Sam was always under the impression that the home he had grown up in, and that his father had lived in until his death, was owned by Tom Jr. To say it came as a surprise that it was indeed Sam’s grandfather, Tom Sr., who was the actual owner of the home, is an understatement. 

Apparently, when Tom Sr. had passed away nearly 40 years ago, there was no proper estate plan established. Now, Sam would need to open his grandfather’s estate, resolve tax issues that were never addressed, and then go through the legal process to make the home a part of his father’s estate. At first, Sam believed that the entire process would be easy enough for him to handle on his own. However, after digging a little deeper, he quickly realized he would need the help of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

Sam reached out to Scott Bloom Law and we developed a game plan for moving forward. We began by probating Tom Jr.’s will and, after some time, we were able to settle the estates of both Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. While it was no fault of Sam, this is a great example of the importance of having an Estate Plan in place. No one wants to leave their families in precarious situations after they pass. The long-term purpose of setting up an Estate Plan today is to preserve as much of your wealth as possible for the intended beneficiaries and retaining a capable attorney can help ensure all of your wishes are met.

At Scott Bloom Law, we are a team of advocates who care, always fighting for what’s best for our clients and their families. With knowledge, experience, and compassion, we strive to find solutions that make the aging process as emotionally and financially easy as possible. Visit us at or call 215-364-1111, to talk to find out more.

- Case Study: Estate Administration

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