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As we age, some of us will experience reduced mental function. If/when this happens, we will need help with both our financial and personal affairs. Often, a Life Care Plan is not in place and the court must appoint a Guardian to take over certain tasks for the individual. Additionally, the time and money it takes to have a Guardianship granted can often be very lengthy and costly. It can also place stress on family members having to step in and manage the affairs for their loved one.  It’s wise for you to plan ahead and get the help of an experienced and competent attorney to guide you through the Guardianship process.

What is a Guardian?

Guardian is an individual that has agreed to take on the legal care and oversight of/for another person. As we stated above, a Guardian is appointed by the courts if/when an aging and/or disabled person has not named a Power of Attorney (POA) and is losing their ability to think clearly and handle basic aspects of their daily life.

Here are the 3 type of Guardianships:

  1. Guardian/Guardianship is a person or represents another person who can no longer manage his/her own affairs. A clear example would be in the case of a dementia and Alzheimer patient. A loved one or friend can file a formal application with the state to become that person’s individual guardian. This is not a voluntary appointment. In New Jersey, it is “a person or agency appointed by a court to act on behalf of an individual.”  The individual who is mentally incapacitated is known as a ward. A Guardian is given the duty and right to act on behalf of the ward to make certain decisions affecting the ward’s life.
  2. Limited Guardianship may be appropriate for individuals that can still care for themselves in some areas of their life, but may need help making other decisions. An example of a limited guardianship would be to allow a person with a sound mind but with a physical disability to retain independent decision making in their daily emotional and financial lives, while allowing the guardian to control their medical decisions. In this example, a health care professional may be appointed to help the individual.
  3. Conservator / Conservatorship is a “guardian” of a person’s estate. A Conservatorship is a voluntary job and the aging senior (parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle) does not have to be mentally incapacitated. The conservator’s primary responsibilities are to manage and preserve their loved one’s income, assets and financial affairs.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney (POA) is often established when a senior of sound mind can appoint a person to act on their behalf. The senior givess that person the “powers” to make decisions on his or her behalf. When a person grants another person the responsibility of being their Power of Attorney (POA) that person needs to find out what authorities were granted to them regarding the person’s medical and financial decisions.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Help Me with My Guardianship Fiduciary Duties?

When you become a Guardian, you are taking on many duties on behalf of the ward. An attorney can help you with your state’s guardianship laws. Our law firm can provide you with sound legal advice and counseling on the matter. We can also represent you in court if you need to make an appearance.

We are here to help you. If you would like to ask additional questions regarding Guardianship, please feel free to contact us today!

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Our family had the good fortune to find Scott Bloom.  He was invaluable helping us set up our trust. We had an unexpected health crises and realized that we had nothing in place to protect our children.  Scott explained our options and got the necessary paperwork ready for us to hand to our family, accountant and banks. Scott was absolutely the right attorney at the right time for us. We would highly recommend him and his team.
- Tricia B., Hamilton, New Jersey

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