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Case Study: Life Care Planning

Joseph and Marie had been happily married for 52 years, raised a family, and were enjoying their retirement years when health issues began to surface. Marie was the first to exhibit health concerns and was diagnosed with dementia, leaving her unable to effectively communicate with Joseph and her three children. Shortly thereafter, Joseph began showing […]

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Protecting Your Loved Ones from Elder Abuse

The process of choosing a nursing home, assisted living facility, or in-home medical care is complicated, difficult, and often emotional. The last thing on your mind is the possibility that those responsible for the care of some of our most vulnerable loved ones would abuse or neglect their patients. Unfortunately, it does occur way too […]

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How Elder Legal Services Can Help You

As we and our loved one’s age, many decisions confront us that are stress-inducing, life-altering, and often, confusing. From Medicaid and estate planning to issues involving guardianship, crisis management, and power of attorney, it can be overwhelming to deal with the many legal aspects of eldercare. Utilizing a knowledgable, experienced elder law attorney to address […]

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Benefits of Hiring an Elder Law Attorney for Medicaid Planning

When an elderly loved one experiences a life-changing health episode, options for long-term care will be undoubtedly pricey. Applying for Medicaid benefits is most families’ first move when told by a doctor that their loved one will require long-term, full-time care. Unfortunately, too many people have not adequately prepared for these decisions and the experience […]

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Most Common Questions for an Elder Law Attorney

 Utilizing an experienced and knowledgeable elder law attorney can go a long way towards allowing you and your loved ones to have a stress-free aging process. Having a plan in place for the inevitable issues that will arise as we and our loved ones age allows everyone to feel confident that major life decisions have […]

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Why do I need an Elder Law Attorney?

WHY DO I NEED AN ELDER LAW ATTORNEY? Attorneys who concentrate their practices in Elder Law, focus on providing legal services–primarily to senior citizens and others who are looking to plan for their lives as they age. Elder Law attorneys work closely with families dealing with the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Elder law attorneys […]

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Annette B., Allentown, New Jersey

Scott Bloom is one of the most caring, responsive, elder law attorney you can find in central New Jersey. He has been a great support not only for my parents but also for me and my siblings. We are deeply grateful for everything he has done over the past 3 years. I am thankful ever […]

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The Law Offices of Scott D Bloom Elder Law

Elder Law – The Law Office of Scott D. Bloom Always Puts the Client First

The Law Office of Scott D. Bloom prides itself in creating a family relationship with it’s clients. Elder Law is important and home visits are also very important. We meet with families in Assisted Living Communities, Skilled Nursing Facilities or anywhere they feel comfortable. We want to meet with all parties involved with the senior(s) […]

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Medicaid Planning

You’ve saved your entire life. We’re here to help you and your loved one protect your assets.

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Scott Bloom Law - AARP Recommended Blog Article

Elder Abuse: When Caregiving Goes Wrong

We recommend that you read AARP’s 2017 article on Elder Law and abuse: Elder Abuse: When Caregiving Goes Wrong Many families use paid home health aides, but what if things aren’t what they seem? by Rick Schmitt, AARP Bulletin Click here to Elder Abuse: When Caregiving Goes Wrong

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CLIENT Testimonial

Scott Bloom pays attention to details .. he's very caring and helpful for the client!! .. Knowledge 100% +
- Tony E., Southhampton, Pennsylvania

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