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2023 Brings Social Security Benefit Changes

The five changes to Social Security benefits in 2023 will relieve some of the current challenges that inflationary pressures present.

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Understanding Advance Directives

Advance Directives are legal documents that guide medical and health care decisions in the event that a person becomes incapacitated and is unable to make their own decisions. Advance directives, sometimes called “living wills,” protect individuals if they are unable to make decisions regarding their health or end-of-life care. There are many reasons why an […]

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Retirement: Embracing Life’s Changes

Aging is not something we enjoy, but when you consider the alternative, it is a sign of a successful life. With age comes wisdom and many years of life experience. Once we embrace aging and accept all the value that comes with it, we can age with dignity and grace. As we get older, we […]

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Assisting Your Parents with Their Daily Needs

You might also consider having in-home care or having them live with you so you can be their caretaker.

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Government Programs for Seniors

Many retirees or near retirement individuals should look to existing government programs to possibly qualify to receive assistance and reduce the anxiety many Americans feel living on a fixed income.

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Preparing Your Parents for the Future

It will take time to gather all the information you need for a complete financial assessment of their aging needs.

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Manage Stress with Meditation

Some people use mantras to help guide and focus their attention on the present moment.

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What You Need to Know About Special Needs Guardianships – Part 1

It is particularly hard to protect and provide for children with special needs who require additional care to address their vulnerabilities. Structuring your estate plan to include the appropriate legal documents in the event of your death is crucial, especially when naming a guardian. Special needs children often require guardianship past the age of 18. […]

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Being a Financial Guardian for a Loved One

Banking and payment of bills can become more difficult with age, but incapacity by accident or illness can strike anyone at any age, posing the same challenges. Incapacity is not just about mental cognition, accident, or illness. You may have a loved one who cannot drive themselves to the bank or has a distinct visual […]

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A Guide to Taking Care of Your Aging Parents

The preparation necessary to provide care for an aging parent is crucial regardless of the circumstances. Whether you need basic information about eldercare resources and services, are looking for a local agency to provide those services, or have worries about legal documents or how to finance your parents’ care needs now or in the future, […]

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CLIENT Testimonial

Scott explained estate planning very thoroughly and in terms we could understand. He let us know our options and we feel that he is very knowledgeable, professional and also a compassionate person. We recommend Scott to our family and friends!
- Fred T., Willow Grove, Pennsylvania